Almost everyone at NHL Stenden occasionally handles private data. But how sensitive is that information, and can it be shared? Does it have to be secured, and if so, how? The CIA classification was developed to help answer such questions. This online tool kit makes it easy to determine the required steps for securing information and automated information systems.

A short explanation of CIA
CIA is short for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. The tool kit helps you classify information, systems, or applications. For not all information is equally sensitive. And therefore, not all types of information and systems have to meet the same standards for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This would not be user-friendly, and would get very expensive as well. The tool kit helps you set a classification that then determines the desired level of security.

Do you handle data?
Imagine that you store information in your Dropbox account. You know how Dropbox protects the data, but does it offer enough protection? Another example: imagine that as a NHL Stenden employee you are involved in the purchasing of a system to exchange papers. What are the security demands that such a system must meet? CIA classification can help you answer such questions.

Start now
Click here to go to the online tool kit. Login with your NHL Stenden account. The tool kit features a manual that helps you with its use. You can opt to classify information and information systems. But you can also access an overview of previous classifications to get you acquainted with the matter. Good luck!

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