The use of smart household appliances is dramatically increasing. A thermostat that uses the internet, for example. A growing range of kitchen equipment is smart. But because they are connected to the internet, they unfortunately are a security risk. Similar to your computer and mobile devices, they transmit information about your home situation via the internet. And companies can respond to that with unwanted targeted internet advertising. Even worse, computer criminals can infect your smart household appliances with computer viruses. And it does not stop there. Refrigerators and other smart appliances are already being deployed to hack government computers, for example.

Protect your privacy at the foundation
You can fight the abuse of such smart appliances in two ways. First, select a secure internet provider. One that safeguards your privacy with an ad blocker and a firewall. That is how you protect your privacy at the foundation: where the internet enters your home. Second, ensure that your home wifi router is well secured. Read here how to do that. There are also routers and modems with built-in security against malware, i.e. cookies, viruses or worse. Check this out, for example. When purchasing a new router you can simply ask the salesperson.