A university of applied science such as NHL Stenden is one huge data factory. We have countless databases that store sensitive and special personal data of our students and employees. Unfortunately, that information is also of interest to malicious parties. That is why NHL Stenden has the legal obligation to safeguard your privacy.

This is how NHL Stenden protects your privacy

  • We have a privacy policy.
  • We have recordedwhat we do with your personal details, how, and why.
  • We have a privacy guideline for the use of personal data between NHL Stenden’s sites abroad.
  • When working with an external party for processing personal data (for example for salary and educational administration), we conclude a data processing agreement with them.
  • We use the CIA classification(confidentiality, integrity and availability) to attain the required level of security.
  • We have established a Hotline for Data Breaches.

What can you do for NHL Stenden?
Privacy is important to all of us. And you can contribute to the protection of everyone’s privacy. For example, by reporting data breaches. Are you able to easily access personal data of our students and employees, inside or outside of NHL Stenden? This probably constitutes a data breach. Report it immediately via NHL Stenden’s Hotline for Data Breaches.

For employees: reporting processings
Here is an overview of all personal data processed by or for NHL Stenden. Do you feel certain processings are missing in this overview? Or do you process personal data yourself that need to be added to this overview? Report this to the Data Protection Officer.

For employees: flagging processors
Have you ever concluded an agreement with an external processor of personal data? Are you unsure whether a data processing agreement was concluded? Report this to your Data Protection Counselor.