It happens to all of us. You are working on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and you just have to pop out for a second. There’s no one around. A colleague or co-student at the most. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, unattended equipment often is an open invitation for data fraud or theft. Unauthorized people can access and copy your personal and sensitive data. Or they can change or remove data in your name. Fortunately, this can easily be prevented.

Popping out? Then lock it off!
Just popping out to get some coffee or tea? Then lock off your computer. You would not leave your wallet unattended, or would you? Locking off is easy:

  • For Windows:Press the Windows key and the ‘L’ simultaneously.
  • For Apple: click here.

Please note: you can only lock off your device when you have installed a login account. You need one anyway for protection of your privacy. Unlock your device by entering the login code. The files and programs you had opened are available straight away.

Another option is to use a screen saver with a password. This is not the same as a login account. Please note: Screen savers have no password by default; you have to set this yourself.

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