Internet in public places? Oh so handy – but be aware of people watching over your shoulder. For example when banking and entering your pin. This applies to working from a café, but just as well to working at NHL Stenden from a flexible workplace, from the lecture hall, and from the Canteen. Compare it with an ATM. Surely you protect your information from others when taking out money?

All kinds of prying eyes
Criminals have invented a range of methods to watch you use the keyboard. Number one is simply watching over someone’s shoulder unnoticed. This is also called shoulder surfing. Filming your keystrokes and/or your screen is a step up from that. Malicious parties only need a simple smartphone to record you typing in focus. And they can play it in slow motion too! So uncovering your password is a piece of cake. The use of a keylogger is a bit more complex; it involves a type of USB drive that allows criminals to record all your keystrokes and mouse movements.

How to protect yourself from prying eyes
It is easy: whenever you enter passwords, pin, or any other login codes in a public place, protect your keyboard and screen. The same applies when you are working with personal details. Make sure to sit in a place where no one can watch over your shoulder. Another good precaution: set your mobile device so that passwords are invisible when you enter them. Your screen will not show the password characters, but only stars You are unsure how to do that? Google it, or ask a colleague or co-worker for help. Or just contact the Data Care Centre. By the way, not all devices have this feature. So enquire when purchasing.

What if someone watched you type?
We all enter passwords in the presence of friends or colleagues. But what if you have doubts about the integrity of those present? Change your password. Obviously, you have to do this as soon as possible. Be aware that criminals can commit identity fraud with your details. They can commit crimes in your name and go unpunished. For example, by purchasing goods in your name, or by claiming medical costs with your health insurance.

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