Imagine you just purchased a new modem or a NAS or a web cam. The device should have a password. Since this type of equipment uses the internet, it should be secured against internet crime. But what if every hacker can guess your user name and password?

The standard password is mentioned in every manual
A lot of internet equipment is factory delivered with a standard user name and passport. It usually is ‘admin’. This standard password is mentioned in the manual, which can easily be downloaded from the internet. In other words, if you don’t change the standard user name and password, any one can hack your device. Check this video to see how hackers access security cameras of big companies.

Change the codes
Just purchased a new router? A set of wifi speakers… a printer? When installing your new equipment, immediately change the standard user name and password. Also review what other wifi equipment you have installed at home. For each of them you should choose your own user name and password. Find tips for suitable passwords: click here.