These days any organisation can fall victim to hacking attempts. Whether it’s the government, LinkedIn, or another big name. While major hacks are still reported by the news, many smaller attempts go unreported. In the meantime, personal data of hundreds of millions of people are in the hands of – yeah, of whom, really? Fortunately, there is a simple way to find out whether your login data have ever been hacked.
The website maintains an overview of the internet services that have been hacked, along with the stolen login data. Enter your mail address(es) or username(s), and you get an immediate overview of the organisations that were hacked and whether your account was active at the time.

Change your password
Do you have an account with an organisation that was hacked? Be smart and change your password. Have you used the same password for multiple accounts? Don’t ever do that again! You must change the passwords of the respective accounts as well.

Don’t forget to change your security questions.

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