What to do when your account has been hacked

Internet and privacy are increasingly at odds. Privacy violations are daily news. In such hacks generally personal data are stolen, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and passwords. In this article we explain what to do if your account has been hacked, and how to protect your privacy.

You definitely have things to hide

NHL Stenden accounts are not exempted from hacks! And yes, that can be a problem. People often say: “I’ve got nothing to hide”. But unfortunately that argument is invalid these days. Read on to find out how you definitely have things to hide.

Tip: how often have you been the victim of a hacking attempt?
Major hacks and data breaches are perpetrated every day. On the website Haveibeenpwned.com you can check the organisations that have fallen victim to a hack, and whether your account was active at the time. Read more .

Outsmart the hackers
What to do if you have been hacked? Well first off, take a deep breath. If nothing happened to your email or other accounts so far, you probably got away. For now… Because it can take years before hackers – or the people that bought the hacked private details – take action. Below, the NHL Stenden Data Care Centre explains the measures to be taken step by step; from right now to soon.

Step 1: change your password
Victim of a hack? Then change your password today. Find tips on good passwords here. Most website have a FAQ how to change your password.

Remember to change passwords on all (mobile) devices that may store your old password. You may have used the same password on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or e-reader. If that is the case, you must enter your new password on each device.

Step 2: change security questions
Your changed password is the new lock on the door of your account. But to protect your privacy, you should also change security questions.

Step 3: change similar passwords
After completing step 1 and 2 your account is secure again. But you may have to do more. Because many people use the same password for various accounts. While this makes it easy to remember your passwords, you have opened the doors of those accounts to the hackers. Therefore, you should locate those accounts for which you have used the same password and security questions. Change your passwords and security questions for all these accounts.

The Data Care Centre is here to help
Do you have further questions about this article? Would you like to know more about dealing with sensitive or private details? Go to the Data Care Centrewebsite. Alternatively, send us an email.