Are you already using a login account for your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone? Good thinking! It protects you from fraud with your sensitive and private information. Your login account is like the key to your house. It keeps unwanted people outside. Or, in this case: it bars them from your computer and mobile devices. By the way, you may use a login account for certain NHL Stenden computer systems too. You want to keep unwanted people outside of those too. But remember… A login account only works when it is secured with a suitable password.

Selecting a strong password

  • The more characters, the better. Eight characters is a bit short. A password consisting of 12 or more characters is much safer. A password with 12 instead of eight characters is 80 million times safer.
  • Numbers, capitals and special symbols (such as &, ?, #, ! and %) improve password strength.
  • You can also use a pass sentence. That may be easier to remember. For example: IveWalked100Miles Use pass sentences of at least four words. But do not use a proverb or saying. By the way, pass sentences that are (too) long are not a good idea, since many websites have a maximum password length of 10-20 characters.
  • The password should not contain a personal detail that can be guessed easily, like a name, address, or date of birth.
  • Use different passwords for every site or service.
  • Change passwords at least once a year.

More advice on passwords
To secure your account even more: click here. Here you find information on two-step authentication – similar to when you login with your bank online – and the use of secret security questions. There are also tips on how to handle multiple passwords and other tips for memorization.

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