Information is the key at a university of applied sciences such as NHL Stenden. Sharing files and documents with fellow students and colleagues is essential. We use all kinds of tools for that – Office 365, SharePoint and Blackboard for instance. But how do you decide whether or not to share information with others, inside or outside of school?

Always check: who sees this information?
Sharing a thesis, presentation or a meeting report with your fellow students or project group members? We do it every single day. But how well do we handle confidential and personal data? Obviously, that information should not be public. Even information about yourself or others that may seem harmless can fall into the wrong hands on the internet. In other words, you do have something to hide on the internet. This is why you always have to check who has access to the information you share with others.

Check: standard public setting?
In addition to Office 365, SharePoint and Blackboard we all use popular, mostly free environments such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Facebook to share information. In some of those environments, Dropbox for example, you have to select with whom you want to share your information. Verify always if the standard setting for sharing information is private or public. So we repeat: be aware with whom you share which information.

More information?
If you wonder in SharePoint or any other environment: who has access to this? Or if you have any other questions about sharing information. Then just contact Privacy and Security via