We hear about it all the time: data breaches. An organisation makes a mistake and forwards personal data to clients. Or computer criminals hack the system and uncover personal data. What should you do if you’re wondering: “Am I supposed to see these details? Is this right?” Or if you accidentally sent a list with personal data to multiple wrong email addresses?

Which personal data are processed by NHL Stenden?
NHL Stenden may only process personal data from students and employees if this is done in accordance with laws and regulations. Click here to see examples of such personal data.

Report to the Hotline for Data Breaches
Have you received an email with personal data of NHL Stenden students or employees? Or have you seen such details pop up, and did you wonder: “Should this be public information?” This could imply there is a data breach. Report it via NHL Stenden’s Hotline for Data Breaches. When in doubt, contact Privacy and Security via privacy-en-security@nhlstenden.com.